Hastings Elementary PAC

Hastings Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a non-profit group that works with Hastings Elementary School to enrich the education of our children.

The PAC is a way for parents to support the school and become involved in their children's education.

If you are a parent or guardian of a child at Hastings, you are a member of the PAC, and you are welcome at the PAC monthly meetings.


The PAC holds meetings once a month, during the school year, to discuss a variety of topics relating to Hastings Elementary. The Principal and Vice-Principal attend each meeting, speak to the PAC and are available to answer questions.

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Every school year, the PAC organizes and hosts a number of special event which raise money for students as well as foster a sense of community.

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PAC Executive

While all Hastings parents automatically belong to the Hastings PAC, the PAC Executive is made up volunteers who have been elected to the board. These are just some of the parents who have dedicated extra time and energy to Hastings Elementary. Elections are held at the October PAC Annual General Meeting and any PAC member may vote or run for an available position.

James Stubbs
Marcie Bailey
Jennifer Law
Open Position
Member At Large (2yrs)
Maria Hudspith
Member At Large (2yrs)
Efrem Swartz
Member At Large
Jaclyn Reyes
Member At Large
Erika Fritz
Member At Large
Ron Wallace
Member At Large
Peter Murphy
District PAC Rep
Charlie Kiers
Past Chair
Janeen Patchell


The Hastings PAC consitution was ratified in 2006. You can download a PDF copy of the constitution here