The Hastings PAC supports and contributes to a number of initiatives throughout the year. You can find out more about them here.


Have you seen the new addition to the school yard? Gardens! In the form of 11 giant planters near the undercover area!

Last weekend, over 30 families came to the school in hour-long shifts to scoop gravel, cut landscape fabric, carry plants, move trees, shovel soil, plant shrubs and spray water all while maintaining social distancing. The result is a magnificent garden that positively transforms the north side of the school.

Come check-out the plants – from Japanese maple trees to flowing grasses; native shrubs like salal and red-flowering currant to aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary and sage. Thanks goes out to Alison Maddaugh who designed the gardens and Jacqueline Shaben who cracked the whip. Another huge thank you goes out to teachers for highlighting the need for an outdoor teaching garden, school administration (past and present) for keeping the ball rolling, VSB School Grounds for facilitating all the deliveries, even during this time of social distancing and to Figaro’s Garden for cutting us a good deal on the plants. And last but not least, the PAC parents who fund-raised in previous years to improve the school grounds.

But the space won’t be complete until the tables and benches come. So stay tuned!

And check out this story (in french) on Radio Canada about our garden!


Our beautiful mural in the undercover area is complete!!

Check out the photos! Thank you so much to artist and Hastings alumnus Blake Wydeman! A shout out to Ms.Nina’s art club and the other students who assisted Blake. And thank you to the PAC Grounds Improvement sub-committee for making this happen!

When you are out getting some much needed fresh air and exercise, please ride or walk by and check it out!

And here's a game: Try to match the fruit names with the pictures. They are all BC native berries:

Cloud berry
Salal berry
Native Trailing Blackberry

For real pros, try to match the leaves.... Enjoy!

PAC Class Rep

Are you a parent looking to get involved at Hastings?
Help the PAC by becoming a Class Rep!

The Hastings Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is seeking parent/guardian class representatives.
As a class rep, we ask that you:

  • attend monthly PAC meetings
  • hear the Principal and VP’s monthly reports
  • bring feedback and questions
  • share valuable information with other parents

Sign up or request more info by emailing the PAC at

We are seeking class reps for the following divisions:

  • Div 06F - van der Kuur
  • Div 09F - Nadeau
  • Div 10F - Beattie
  • Div 11 - Berger
  • Div 12 - Wall
  • Div 13F - Corrie
  • Div 14F - Berger-Bodolec
  • Div 15 - Wong
  • Div 17 - Grunfeld
  • Div 18 - Campese
  • Div 19F - Verin
  • Div 21 - Patrick
  • Div 25 - Rantamaa
  • Div 26 - Archer

Walking School Bus

Hastings PAC is delighted to support our school's Walking School Bus program, now in its third year. The WSB provides leadership opportunities for senior students and for students to form connections between different grades and programs. It also provides a fun way for students to have additional physical activity on a daily basis, and to decrease the level of vehicle congestion around school. In an era of growing awareness around climate change, every participant in the WSB is taking steps forward to the planet we want to have in the future.

This year's WSB is running as Team Burrardview, Team Templeton, and Team Victoria Drive. Each morning, WSB groups walk along specific routes, picking up additional students as they get closer to school. If you're interested in joining a group or want to know about starting up your own, please email WSB planning lead Claudia Gawryluik at

Hastings: Day One

We loved the chance to hang out in the primary playground on the first day of school, fueled by Laughing Bean coffee, Pine House baked goods, and produce from Donald's Market. The Hastings: Day One party was an opportunity to extend a heartfelt welcome to families new to Hastings, as well as all our returning families, teachers, and staff members. The event was funded by a grant from the Hastings North Community Partners Group, as well as Hastings PAC. We hope to make this welcome party an annual event!

Camp Support

Hastings PAC was proud to contribute $6,000 toward this year's Grade 7 leadership camp. This was the first year for a camp involving both the English and French immersion students, providing a fantastic opportunity to strengthen connections and build our school community. Given the change in timing for the camp - to the beginning of the school year, rather than the midpoint or tail-end of the year, which affected fundraising capability - Hastings PAC decided to strengthen the depth of its funding commitment for 2019-2020. (PAC has supported the camp every year.)

Direct Donation Campaign

Hastings PAC launched the inaugural Direct Donation campaign last year. It came in response to parents who say they don't necessarily have the time or opportunity to participate in PAC events, but still want to show their support by simply providing funds. Last year's campaign raised $8,200 from parents, with school administration generously topping up the amount to $15,000 in total. These funds are being used to support various STEM initiatives, where the specific classroom needs were directed by teachers at Hastings.